Property service in Provence


Service Total France is also a security organisation recognised by the French government.  One aspect of our ‘House-minding Contract’ is a regular check for signs of break-in.  Should this occur we will liaise with the appropriate authorities, taking care of all the necessary paperwork and making absolutely sure your house is fully secured.

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Security for your Second Home

During your absence lots of things can happen with your second home. To prevent confrontation with unpleasant surprises Service Total developed a pro-active approach that we call the house-minding contract. In addition to this concept we are now making a reactive approach available using state of the art technology. Through this we are able to obtain information about the situation in between our regular visits and respond adequately. The equipment we use is very user friendly and a high reliability. Linked to a 24 hour Dutch Control Centre (Trigion) you can rest assured that Service Total will be informed about disturbances and  take appropriate action.

DSC Wireless Security…

The central control panel is an advanced wireless security system equipped with an LCD screen that provides status information. The systemsurveys every system component for sabotage, RF disturbances, low battery etc. The basic set consists of the central unit, two Infra Red sensors with pet immunity and two remote control units.

The system is configured on the basis of your personal requirements.

The system can be extended with door sensors, smoke sensors and with panic and medical alarms

System Overview…

24 hour surveillance

System information is relayed to a 24 hours Control Centre from which Service Total France is alerted to take adequate action


The remote control is equiped with a special cover to prevent accidental alarms. It has four buttons that can be programmed for different system fonctions

Wireless PIR detector

The infrared detector holds pet immunity and is fitted with advanced protection systems to prevent false alarms. It has a permanent wireless connection with the panel

Entry codes:

The system allows for 38 different entry codes which makes the system suitable during rental periods. Temporary occupants can be assigned a code that is only valid in the period that the house is rented.

LCD screen

Everything you need to know about the system is shown on a large LCD screen

Emergency power

The system is equiped with a backup battery that lasts for at least 24 hours. A power cut is however relayed to the Control Centre.

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